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What People Say

Sara, Mount Eliza

My husband and I had been sleeping in different rooms for nearly two years. We were getting close to separating permanently.


After six sessions with Lorna, and implementing the strategies she taught us, our relationship had improved significantly. We were communicating more effectively, understanding each other better and learning to connect with each other again. Most importantly, we were liking, respecting and loving each other again.


One year on and we are back in the marital bed and recommitting to our marriage. Our communication and chemistry is better than ever. It wasn't easy but it was worth it and Lorna was always there to turn to for support and guidance.


Thank you Lorna, I can honestly say you saved our marriage!

Ann, Mornington

Coaching was a new experience for me and I entered the first session feeling quite nervous. But Lorna instantly made me feel comfortable and safe. She guided me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and I felt supported the whole way.


Before coaching with Lorna, I was not in a very happy or healthy place. Lorna assisted me to explore the areas of my life where I was feeling stress and frustration. Together we discovered the beliefs and limiting decisions that were holding me back and then she helped me to find and adopt new beliefs and decisions that would serve me better.


As we worked through my issues, I began to understand what was really important in my life and how I needed to move forward to get the results I wanted. Lorna also taught me skills to help me communicate more effectively with the people I care about and this had a profound effect on my relationships.

Lorna is an inspirational, dedicated and caring coach and I enjoyed her warmth and humour. She quickly became someone I completely trusted with my deepest secrets and respected for her sensitivity and compassion. There were also times when Lorna challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and this was something that really made me wake up and lift my game. I realised that I was loving my coaching sessions and couldn’t wait for each visit.

I am now happier and healthier than ever before with the confidence to make decisions that are right for me. I have stopped “going through the motions” and am now living my life to the fullest. But I will continue to be coached by Lorna to make sure that I stay on track with my goals and continue to strive and grow.

I consider my coaching sessions to be the turning point in my life and the primary reason that I now KNOW I will have a fantastic future. I highly recommend Lorna as a coach to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their lives, personally and professionally. I have no doubt that she can make it happen for you!

Yee Wah, NLP Student

You have a great gift in being able to explain things very clearly. It is easy to follow and understand what you are saying – which is very important when you are mentoring others.

I appreciate very much your sharing with me so warmly and generously your insight, wisdom and experience. I will use all the helpful hints you have given me – they are great!

Deneille, National Franchise Manager, Banking

Lorna is a strong and dynamic coach. Her dedication to my development and ongoing support in creating change in my life has been fantastic.

I think that it is so important to establish a relationship with your coach that is based on trust and mutual respect, and I truly believe I have this with Lorna. Her insights, professionalism and wisdom provided incredible inspiration and growth for me in a safe and supportive environment. As a result, my effectiveness as a leader and motivation in my career has skyrocketed and I feel so much happier and fulfilled in my life.

I truly believe I have made the transformation to take my life to the next level and am appreciative of the journey Lorna has guided me on.

Michaela, Uni Student, Melbourne

It is coming up to almost 1 year since my 21st birthday, the night where I went off my tree. It wasn't long after that, that I started up coaching with you. Looking back on how I was a year ago, insecure, scared, lacking self worth and holding myself back with past issues, makes me realise with your help how far I have come.


I have so much more confidence in myself, I have let go of a lot, of my fear that was holding me back from making important decisions. When I first started my sessions with you my values about myself and what I was looking for in a partner were exactly what I didn't want but exactly what I was getting, someone who didn't want to commit, had no respect for me, and didn't love me.


Since you have taught me how to love myself and since I changed my values to ones much more desirable, I have met the best partner that I love and who loves me so much I sometimes can't even believe it. He has so much respect for me and my family, and is patient with me, and I love him so much.


I know that without you and our coaching sessions I wouldn't have been able to come as far as I have in such this short period of time. I love myself and have found someone else who loves me. I have been accepted into uni and have some direction in my life. I feel like my life is going somewhere now.


I still have 'bad' days where I feel like crap and get into my moods, but now I know how to roll with these moods, and how to make myself feel better much quicker and easier, and its me who makes myself feel better, I don't depend on anyone else to dictate my moods. I am my own person, thanks to you and your helpful words, insights and exercises.


So I guess I just want to say thank you Lorna, because I never really got the chance to say it before.


I am so grateful for the time we spent talking to each other, and I will never forget the moment my life turned around for the better, was when I started coaching with you.

Jody, Marketing Manager

Investing in coaching sessions with Lorna was one of the smartest decisions I've made in my life.

I originally attended to address some conflict issues I was having at work but very soon realised that I was showing similar patterns of behaviour at home. Lorna helped me to recognise destructive beliefs that were holding me back and then helped me find a way to change my beliefs, align my values and modify my self talk and behaviour to enhance and improve all the relationships in my life. I haven't looked back. 

Kathy, Frankston

On the outside my life appeared "perfect"! So why did I feel so very lost and alone? My journey to answer this question began when I made the brave decision to talk to a Life Coach.


With Lorna by my side, along with her gentle manner and professional approach, I began to find my voice again. My pathway of self discovery provided me with a variety of tools to utilize along the way - including the power of language, literature & healing strategies to name a few.


Thank you Lorna for enabling me to speak my truth - process my resulting divorce with a mature attitude and accept that starting over with a new found strength & self love was the right decision for me. I am forever grateful for your guidance through this challenging period of my life. 

Gayla, Coaching Student

I am absolutely blown away and eternally grateful for the gifts that you gave to each of us! You were fantastic.


Your presentation was warm, genuine, informative, well structured, interesting, captivating and very believable. As I engaged in your presentation I absolutely believed that you choose to connect with people at a very genuine level. I believed that you don’t simply ‘use’ these amazing skills we’re being given to fuel your professional success but rather you give to yourself and others a generous gift of real connection. This is important to the overall teaching for me and a subliminal message you provided so naturally.


You make people feel at ease. I have been able to recall easily the lesson on Rapport that you taught (though practicing it is a whole new learning curve!)


I’ve spoken to other participants who also agreed that your presentation was nothing short of excellent.


Thank you for being an example of the kind of presenter I hope to be one day. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.


Rapport? You’ve got it in abundance!


Well done!

Andrew, Entrepreneur

A big THANK YOU for what was an awesome week of growth for me made even more special because of your amazing input of love, knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, and determination to conspire to my/our success.

Beckie, Retail Business Owner

"Exceptional, Re-aligned, Focused, Higher Understanding.”


This is how I felt after a six week life coaching experience with Lorna. During this time I was taken on a journey of deeper self discovery, which led me to a higher understanding of myself and my values. I was able to re-align my old ways of thinking and engage on my life purpose.


Through life coaching, I now have a clear vision and great strategies to keep me focused personally and professionally.


Thank you Lorna for all your warmth, understanding and encouragement.

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