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About Me...

Hi, I’m Lorna


I love what I do. I am an accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with a private practice based in Melbourne, Australia. I coach individuals, couples, families and teams as well as conducting group workshops, training seminars and guest speaker presentations. I am passionate about helping my clients create effective change.


I feel that the skills and knowledge I gained from my earlier career as a recruitment consultant and real estate trainer as well as the experiences and lessons I've learnt as a Mum, step-parent and cancer survivor have all guided me and evolved into my current work as a life coach. All roles have involved interacting with people, establishing rapport, understanding needs, setting goals and developing new tools for achieving them. My training, background and personal experiences have led me to believe that effective coaching needs to take into account the whole person and their life in context, not just focus on isolated behaviours.

The way I see it, outstanding coaching means helping people to explore their thoughts, beliefs decisions and behaviours, to sort out what’s really important to them, what’s holding them back, to identify goals and navigate ways forward with clarity and confidence, to remove real (or perceived) barriers to progress and to develop strategies for achieving better outcomes. Ultimately, it is about empowering people to create a life that they love and helping them to implement effective, sustainable, positive change.

I believe that all people are magnificent and capable of achieving excellence. Everyone deserves to feel happy, confident and fulfilled. As your life coach, I am committed to helping you become the best you can be. I will work side by side with you to design an amazing future for you, your family and your business. I will help you establish and maintain incredible relationships, both personally and professionally. I will support and encourage your progress and challenge every boundary. I will stubbornly refuse to buy your limits! I will not accept mediocrity or “average” results. I WILL listen to you, value you, appreciate you and help you break through your fears.

As your coach, I will make it my personal mission to help you reach your full potential and transform your life so that it will never be the same again…and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

So, if you are tired of just “going through the motions”, you feel “stuck” or confused about what to do next, you are simply having trouble figuring out why life isn’t turning out how you’d hoped or you just want help to get to the next level, you’re definitely at the right place and I would love to hear from you to discuss working together right now.

Coaches offer different levels of service and have individual coaching styles. I like to make a deep connection with my clients and allow them to bring anything to the table. I coach from the heart using the latest coaching and NLP techniques enhanced with warmth, appreciation and humour. I coach face-to-face, as I find personal interaction essential in building rapport and establishing a safe and comfortable environment for my client where trust and productivity are paramount.

Whether you have been personally referred to me or have just discovered my website, please contact me to have a chat. I’ll help you take the first step to creating a life that you love.

Lorna J Westley

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