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What is Coaching?

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Although still relatively new as a profession in Australia, coaching has quickly grown in popularity and is now experiencing massive growth nationally. The reason for this success is partially due to a general shift away from problem-focused therapy, and more significantly due to the incredible results that coaching achieves.

  Coaching is about:

  • finding out what’s really important to you and what’s missing from your life

  • focusing on your goals and developing new tools and strategies for achieving them

  • assisting you to identify where you are today and where you want to get to, with a view to closing the gap and achieving ultimate fulfilment

  • supporting you every step of the way as you learn to break through the fears, limiting decisions and disempowering beliefs that have been holding you back

  • bringing out the magnificence of people, beginning with your desire to improve or enhance any area of your life, either personally or professionally

  • producing exceptional outcomes through personalised teaching, expanding awareness, challenging boundaries and designing sustainable environments

  • working side by side to gain clarity on your values, enable more meaningful choices, identify the best use of your resources and implement consistent action 


Anyone who wants to improve, enhance or strengthen the results they are getting in any area of their life will benefit from working with a professional coach. The only criterion is that you are willing to make a shift, committed to change and prepared to take action.


Coaches offer different levels of service and have individual coaching styles. I like to make a deep connection with my clients and allow them to bring anything to the table. I coach from the heart using the latest coaching and NLP techniques enhanced with warmth, appreciation and humour. I coach face-to-face, as I find personal interaction essential in building rapport and establishing a safe and comfortable environment for my client where trust and productivity are paramount.


Creating a life that you love starts with a commitment to invest in yourself. By hiring me as your qualified and dedicated coach, you will be taking the first step to transforming your life into something extraordinary.


If you are not satisfied with the status quo and want to change your life and your future, please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Create a life you love
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