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Create a life you love

My Services

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about finding out what’s really important to you, what’s missing from your life, identifying your goals and developing new tools and strategies for achieving them.


Through regular one-on-one sessions, I will assist you to identify where you are today and where you want to get to, with a view to closing the gap and achieving ultimate fulfilment. As your coach, I will support you every step of the way as you learn to break through the fears, limiting decisions and disempowering beliefs that are holding you back.

Working one-on-one with individuals to:

  • Accomplish personal goals

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Secure a promotion or change careers

  • Enjoy health and inner well-being

  • Become empowered

  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs

  • Find and maintain happiness

  • Reduce negative emotions and phobias

  • Move forward from grief, trauma

  • Rid bad habits and destructive behaviour

  • Experience fulfillment

  • Reboot after serious illness




Relationship Coaching is about goal-setting, action and achievement. 


As your coach, I will help you identify what you truly want in a relationship, recognise the roadblocks that are preventing you from fully enjoying a relationship, and work with you to eliminate whatever obstacles are causing you difficulty. 


Everyone is capable of increasing the level of intimacy in their relationship. All it takes is intention and the willingness to change.


I work with people who are ready for that change.


Working with singles or couples to:

  • Create a loving and lasting relationship

  • Move the relationship in a healthy direction

  • Improve affection and attraction

  • Resolve issues and build trust

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Build and maintain rapport

  • Restore passion and interest

  • Establish respect and positive connection

  • Change patterns that aren’t working

  • Bring back playfulness and laughter

  • Create a shared vision

  • Enhance an already good relationship to make it amazing

NLP & Communication



Understanding NLP allows you to change, adopt, or eliminate behaviours as you desire.


It provides you with skills and ability to choose your mental, emotional, and physical states of well being at any time.


You learn how to improve your communication skills, internally and externally. This transforms your relationships and outcomes.


My workshops will introduce you to new skills which will enable you to radically improve your personal and professional development.

Working with groups or teams to:

  • Establish instant rapport and powerful connections

  • Enjoy incredible lasting relationships

  • Improve happiness, confidence and fulfillment

  • Influence and manage your emotional and psychological states for consistent peak performance

  • Communicate more effectively with everyone around you

  • Improve your personal workplace performance

  • Master language both verbal and non-verbal (body language)

  • Generate profound improvements in your health and well-being

  • Change your limiting beliefs 

  • Develop competence in public speaking

  • Create the future you really want

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