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Last night was a bad night. I was up and down every half hour going to the toilet and trying to manage severe pain. I had a bath at midnight to relieve the pain and showers every hour thereafter to clean and soothe.

But this post is not a whinge. What struck me as I gently manoeuvred myself in and out of warm water all night was just how lucky I am to live in a country where I have water so readily available to me during my illness - to quench my thirst, relieve my pain, cleanse my wounds, cool my burns and soothe my soul. If I lived somewhere less fortunate, I could be dying a very uncomfortable and painful death right now.

I am grateful to have had the luxury of five showers and a bath last night. I am grateful to be attending an excellent facility so close to home and receiving world class medical care. I am grateful to be surrounded by an incredible family and amazing friends who have embraced me in a circle of love.

So lucky to be living in this wonderful country and to be so well looked after in my time of need. I am truly blessed.

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